Enzian ASPLOS Software Artifact Publicly Released

As part of the ASPLOS Paper, we submitted two artifacts to demonstrate the work. The first was the entire collection of CAD files necessary for remanufacturing (or improving!) the Enzian board. The second artifact was used by the AEC reviewers to confirm that the results we presented in the paper were reproducable. As mentioned previously, we are very happy that we received all three badges, including the coveted “Results Reproduced”.

The CAD files have been publicly available since submission. However, we have just made public the collection of bitstreams, benchmarks, and instructions necessary to reproduce all results presented in the paper. Also contained in the artifact is the initial version of the Enzian Quickstart Guide, a document that provides detailed, step-by-step information for booting and programming an Enzian. While many of the results require access to a working Enzian machine, we hope that the instructions and benchmarks can be useful for getting more insight into the experiements we conducted.

More information about what is contained in the artifact can be found in the artifact appendix of the published paper.

We aim to release open source microbenchmarks for Enzian soon and will post more information about them on the website.

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