ASPLOS Artifact Evaluation badges

As far as we can tell, our forthcoming ASPLOS 2022 paper, Enzian: An Open, General, CPU/FPGA Platform for Systems Software Research, has been awarded all three available Artifact Evaluation badges:

  • Artifact available
  • Artifact evaluated - functional
  • Results reproduced

We think artifact evaluation is a great thing.

In this case, it was a lot of work, by us but more importantly by the artifact evaluation committee: reproducing results via remote access to a piece of experimental hardware (which is, itself, the artifact) was never going to be easy for purely logistical reasons. We’re very happy it worked successfully, and we’re grateful for everyone’s efforts.

On a side note, we really hope ASPLOS goes well, and has a good in-person attendence (assuming this is done safely). The Enzian team hasn’t really attended a conference in person in two years apart from Dario, who went to CIDR last month to present his FarView paper, and we’re really looking forward to reconnecting with people after all this time. Fingers crossed…