Paper on Enzian accepted to CIDR 2020

In October we had a paper on Enzian accepted to CIDR 2020 - the Conference on Innovative Data Systems Research, held in Amsterdam this January!

(We’ve also had a several papers on Enzian rejected, including one of the grounds that “everyone already knows about Enzian”, but never mind.)

The citation: Tackling Hardware/Software co-design from a database perspective, Gustavo Alonso, Timothy Roscoe, David Cock, Mohsen Ewaida, Kaan Kara, Dario Korolija, David Sidler, Zeke Wang.

Here’s the abstract; we’ll post the full version after the conference:

Hardware is evolving at a very fast pace due to diverse trends in the IT industry. In the area of data processing, it is fair to say that software often just reacts to these changes, trying to accommodate developments that are not always an immediate step forward in terms of either performance or functionality. In this paper we report on two ongoing, long-term projects: Enzian, an experimental hardware platform to explore the design of software systems on future hardware, and doppioDB, a research database engine built to explore how to to co-design hardware and software from a data procesisng perspective. The paper focuses on the possibilities offered by the combination of Enzian and doppioDB in terms of enabling novel data processing systems.