Updates, at last!

It’s been a long time since we posted an update to the Enzian site, for which we apologize! It’s not that little has been happening - quite the opposite!

We’ll post a string of updates over the next few days, but as a sneak preview, we’ll talk about:

  • Our partly-but-not-fully working test boards
  • Building real hardware (milling machines, etc!) for testing boards
  • The Enzian simulation framework
  • A CIDR paper on Enzian in January
  • Adventures in inter-operating with a cache-coherence protocol
  • Enzian’s Board Management Controller

In the meantime, we’ve updated the list of people currently working on the project, and also updated some other details (such as changing “Cavium” to “Marvell”).

More very soon - until then, here’s another picture:

Enzian v.3 rev. 1.3 board populated