Who are we?

David Cock

Team lead, board design coordination, early board design, low-level ECI implementation, debug and trace infrastructure, lots of soldering.

Muhsen Owaida

ECI link bringup

Adam Turowski

Barrelfish, Linux, and FreeBSD OS bringup, BMC software lead

Tobias Grosser

Application use cases

Amit Kulkarni

Infrastructure and Verilog hacking

Reto Achermann

Trace processing, software emulation, Barrelfish bringup

Zeke Wang

DDR4 controllers and doughnut prototyping

David Sidler

FPGA network implementation

Alexander Hedges

Simulation environment

Nikita Lazarev

Interconnect protocol specification and modelling

Abishek Ramdas

Cache coherence implementation

Dario Korolija

FPGA Shell design and implementation


Zsolt István

FPGA network stack and doughnut prototyping

Alain Denzler

Memory controller feasibility study

Industry partners